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Natural Salt and Anil Soap

R$ 25,00 R$ 25,00

Experience the revitalizing power of Natural Salt & Anil Soap, removing impurities and revealing the true glow of your skin.

Our Natural Salt & Anil Soap is the perfect choice for those looking for a deep cleansing experience. Combining the power of natural salt and indigo, this soap works to remove impurities, dead cells and excess oil from the skin's surface.

The gentle exfoliant improves skin texture as well as providing astringent properties that naturally tone the skin. This incredible soap helps to minimize enlarged pores, stimulates revitalization and cell renewal, rejuvenating tired and dull skin in a short time!

Some believe that indigo has energetic properties and can help stimulate and balance the body's energy. It is believed that the revitalizing energy of indigo can help combat fatigue and provide a feeling of revitalization and well-being.

Salt has traditionally been used to purify the body and energy field. It is believed to help remove negative energy and purify the body's energy field, providing a feeling of renewal and clarity.

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