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After Bite Insect Bite

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After Bite Insect Bite is formulated with essential oils to quickly relieve insect bites and reduce discomfort. Helps soothe the sensation of itching and inflammation. Each of the ingredients has beneficial properties for the skin and can have calming, anti-inflammatory and cooling effects.

It can be used by the whole family and several times a day. There is no contraindication.

Almond oil is known for its emollient and moisturizing properties. It helps soothe and nourish the skin, providing relief from irritation caused by insect bites. Furthermore, almond oil can help reduce itching and redness in the affected area.

Lavender essential oil has calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help relieve itching and irritation caused by insect bites and promote a feeling of relaxation. Lavender is also known for its healing properties, which can speed up the skin's recovery process.

Tea tree essential oil, also known as tea tree oil, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help prevent secondary infections that may occur due to insect bites and reduce inflammation in the skin. Tea tree is also known for its ability to relieve itching.

Mint essential oil has a refreshing and calming effect on the skin. It can help relieve the itchy sensation and provide a feeling of freshness. Additionally, mint also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce irritation caused by insect bites.

To use the roll-on, simply apply the product gently to the area affected by the insect bite. Almond oil helps dilute essential oils, making them safe to use directly on the skin. However, it is important to remember to perform a sensitivity test before using essential oils, as some people may be sensitive to them. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.

While these ingredients may provide temporary relief, it is important to note that they are not a substitute for proper medical care, especially if there is a severe allergic reaction or if the insect bite causes complications. In cases of severe reactions or persistence of symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical advice.